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Dream and Reality Opening

Dream And Reality

Many people divide their world into two strict categories; metaphysical and physical. Or, as many know it, Dreams and Reality. The wishes you dearly desire yet know can never truly be. And the few, those people who are able to stretch limits and break the borders of supposed possibility to actually fulfill those childhood fantasies, are the ones that can see it. The place between dreams and reality. Madness dwells there, along with contentment and its many perpetrators. In-between what is touchable and what cannot be seen are many creatures and thoughts that cannot exist, yet do. unable to survive in lands of rational thought, these impossible beings cannot enter dream as they are yet linked to the physical. Always, always, searching. Yearning for a way to escape the twisting void of chains that is the in-between. The creatures try to find foot-holds within one world or another, releasing their young into the open possibility of Dream or Reality. And so, a small door in this chaotic dimension opens and quietly a bundle into the whirlpool of time and space waiting for the wrapped cloth to be swept away by ever moving currents and brought to the edge of some waiting world. For in the bundle lay a squalling baby, a creature of in-between.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


An experiment with my own writing ability. Inspired by the song (duh) Moonlight Shadow. try listening to it - its catchy -

Moonlight shadow (prologue)

I didn’t mean to give the power to him. And now I truly wish I hadn’t. But I had been dying, and the boy was there, in front of me. And god knows what would happen if I let loose my powers in a highly populated place like this. Still, that image of his first reversion is scored into my mind; The empty Avenue and burnt out street-lamps. As I came up behind him he turned, The flashback will slow as I remember my hands reaching towards his head, seeking contact with his mind. The scream as I let the power loose into his body. How he writhed in fearful agony on the ground, me soothing over and over again; “its alright. Accept it. If you accept it it wont hurt. I promise. Just accept it”. He didn’t listen, too far gone in his pain and still tried to fight it. For a boy of eighteen, that will power is abnormal, I  doubt even I could have stood against the demon that he was inheriting for that long. What felt like an hour later, but in reality was barely ten minutes, the demon won. However, it had to revert to its true form to be accepted into the boy’s body. The demons full form, one he had never pulled out for me or any other demon holder. And he had to pull it out just to get into this boys thoughts at all. There was no doubt about it. This boy would survive. And not only that, he would retain control of his mind and body and possibly even the demons powers. I shivered a feeling of foresight gliding over me as I came into the twilight of rebirth. Soon the very world will shiver in fear and awe. This poor bystander I had taken advantage of held the power to shake the world. Suddenly he stood up. and I saw him in all his glory, my breath taken away by a Moonlight Shadow

A quick reminiscence of the morning after that. (by me. the guy who inherited the demon)

My head hurt. Must’a gotten drunk last night. Otherwise I wouldn’t have those strange dreams about the crazy old man and whatever it was that he’d “given” me. That wasn’t a dream boy. Huh? where the in the world did that voice come from?I’m inside your head you idiot. Ah, I thought wisely. I’m still dreaming. Better get back in bed to see if I can wake up- how has someone as stupid as you become my master!? your not dreaming. Neither was last night a dream.You sure have some power for a thick-headed kid. The voice had begun to become exasperated. Anyway back on topic. I’m the “demon” you  inherited last night. My power is (unfortunately) in your command... By the way you better suppress your spiritual power, or all the exorcists in town will be here within the minute. I thought a moment, wondering what it meant by exorcists.Well then.” I (innocently) told the voice. “If your real, tell me how to suppress it.” imagine there is a well in front of you.  Do most people hear this when they go crazy? “uh... okay. But aren’t wells outdated? why can’t it be a tap?” That should probably annoy the voice. Whatever! just imagine its overflowing and put a lid on it or *sigh* turn off the tap. “but then, won’t the pressure build up?” Your probably the first one to ask that. but it leaks out anyway so your fine. Just concentrate on that for now.I’ll teach you other things later. Teach me?  had street skills and experience enough to survive thanks to my childhood.“whatever. I’ve done what you said and I don’t feel any difference.” *silence* Was the voice gone? I hoped so. “Uh, hello? if you don’t reply I guess I’ll just go to school now.” Um, actually the technique worked. where did you learn it before? What a weird question Mr.voice. Where would I learn something strange like that? I Wondered If the voice is crazier than me “what do you mean? I just did what you said. Never mind that though. I’m going to school and I don’t want you talking to me unless there is nobody around” wait!wait- I cut off the connection. I don’t know how, but I did anyway. I stretched and pulled on some clothes. As a high-school boy living alone, the world was a simple, easy place centering around girls and thrills. I wanted my world to stay that way. So as I slammed the door to my messy broken-down apartment, I also Slammed a door in my own mind pushing the memories and the annoying voice to the back of my thoughts. But, There was, as I soon found, no way to ignore my newly given heritage for long.

And so two years later, I’d become pretty infamous in the world of demons And rather renowned for my ability to avoid capture and easily over-power the exorcists in the area.  Unfortunately though, that put my  to exorcise “bounty” rather high. Which, like rats to rotten meat, brought exorcists from all over the nation. *sigh* my days of peace are over, but at least the voice can’t talk to me anymore.

O Wild Flower Blooming - Anti war poem

This time its a poem..

o wild flower blooming
tell me what you see.
in this world of shadows
why must people hurt each other?

o wild flower blooming
valiant flower in the flames.
beyond your brightened field
do you see the blood an sorrow?

We cry and we laugh.
yet we are the same.
Did those who died get off easy?
or do those ghosts wander and wane?

o wild flower blooming
tell me what you feel.
in this place of violence
why must we still live on?

o wild flower blooming
teardrops on your petals
beyond the hate and jealousy
do you still see the stars?

 Amnesia, a good basis for a plot... this particular story has a lot left unsaid.

The Tide of the Heavens.(2903, the war-zone, China, in a particularly god-fearing village)

Blackness. Entangling around me. Swallowing and tearing me apart from the insides out. The pain, of loneliness, of despair and exhaustion. How could I keep fighting? It hurt so much. But then a hand  warmth, alight, calling me back -- “Who's this? Anyone seen this boy before? Well I guess we will have to take him in.” the rough voice, not the one that had called me back, sighed “strange he should wash up here with the winter tides and all. That is, unless he came from that place...” there was a strained silence. “Maybe we should just leave him after all. ah. Ha ha. ha.” the footsteps retreated, taking the nervous laughter with them. Leaving me all alone again. But, at least now I could move. I opened my eyes, and sat up. It was night and the frosty stars were beautiful specks of light, spanning the vast utopia of the sky. Celestial majesties reflected in the lapping waves. Celestial. How did I know that word? Or any others for a fact. Who am I? Where am I? These questions spun through my head coming to the conclusion; I need a name, then I can find out who I am. I guess at least I know what I am. As I do not think I'm human. Celestial means something more than human. So, I guess my new name will be Celeste. Celeste, yes, that has a nice ring to it. I suppose thats decided. My name is Celeste. And with that, I began to walk. Not caring for anything in particular. Just wandering.
The Wanderer of the Stars (a year later, Eden, Japan)

I waved to my mom over my shoulder as I rushed out the door, Toast hanging out of my mouth and my hair like a birds nest. Somehow, I knew this was not going to be a good second day at my new school. Only recently had my family been able to get out of the slums and move into to the pollution and radiation free city. This was one of the greenest places on earth now, after the nuclear war ruined civilization at its peak and reduced half of the world to mutated desert plains. My family came from the slums, so we were exposed to radiation for the last couple of decades. Apparently I'm the only one who mutated though. That's why a lot of people at my new school think I'm a delinquent. My grades are good, My uniform is perfect, but my hair is blue, long, and I'm mute. DOONNGGG the bell! Argh I'm late! I jump with ease over several peoples garden walls, cutting through the houses in an effort to be there on time. The last wall! If I get over this last high one I'll be there. I jump and my legs swing, my hair falls out of its braids and I pitch over the wall, landing on someone just as the bell rings for the second time. Oww! I mentally squeal as I sit up and look down...

I had been walking along the street in this so-called Eden when a girl falls out of the sky. I moan as she sits up and begins to blush furiously. I guess I'm the reason for that as at the moment she is sitting straddled on top of me. I was about to scramble away and run but then I catch a glimpse of it. Blue. Dark blue. Shining in the sun its lighter high-lights look like stars. It reminds me of the ocean that birthed me. Long, very long hair that is beautiful beyond compare. Who is this girl? Is she an, an angel? I feel I see wings and I stare almost reverently at her. An aura that sends shivers of amazement down my spine. I need to know more. Maybe I will stay in this city for a while anyway. Her hair ripples like waves as she whips he head around then runs off twords the “school” a concept new to me. Now if I get a computer from somewhere it will be easy to find her. Its hard to stay inconspicuous when your a child of the stars.

Who was that boy? He both attracted me in some strange way and also repelled me with that cold demeanor. His looks were so, well, dark. Like black. But not the friendly black of a night sky. No more like cold fires of death. A black so dark and deep that it burned you to the bottom of the soul and yet still froze you with its icy touch. I shivered. Could it be that he was a mutation from the wastelands? Fear welled up inside me and threatened to burst out. It took all my willpower to stop thinking about his bottomless eyes as I ran along the school corridor.
By lunch I was sick with worry and had to be dismissed early. Taking the normal route from school this time. Just so I wouldn't meet the boy again. The boy... Now just thinking about him made me want to retch. I stumbled, leaning on the wall. My stomach was heaving and my breath came in short gasps. It can't just be from the boy now I thought, I must seriously be sick. I tried to get up and walk on but I couldn't. My legs gave way beneath me and I tumbled into darkness. The last thing I heard before I blacked out was “looks like the drug we administered is finally taking affect”...

Hacking into the schools files was easy. Now all I had to do was check on her record and I'd know most of the details bout her. However what I read was certainly different from whatever it was I had been expecting.
Name: Izumoto Misaka    Age: 15 and 1 month     Pedigree: from the slums. Slight mutation.
blah blah blah
New student who came (1) day ago. Mute with blue hair. Not a troublemaker. Perfect grades. Ideal student. Pity she is a slum dweller. To be put in special class. reports from last year... Ect
  la lalalalalalalalallalallalalalalalalal
So it turns out she's an honor student, I mused. My eyes skipped down the page, suddenly I saw a little recently added note that managed to fill me with horror:
Went home early as she felt weak. A little bit later two male relatives dropped in saying they had come to pick her up but I told them she had started home. As they were worried about her I told them her route home. Perhaps she has a weak constitution...
They were already moving! I had finally found another star-child and They were about to pull her out of my hands. Unlike last time though, maybe I could do something! I switched off the laptop I had stolen and put it in my bag rushing out of the Internet cafe. If I didn't move soon who knew what they might do. My foot caught on a manhole cover and I crashed to the ground. SHIT! Theres no way I can get there in time like this! I panicked and ran over to one of the cars at the stoplight, opened the door and got in. “mister please take me to the JR hospital! My sisters surgery failed and they said she's gonna die within an hour!” the smooth lies rolled off my tongue a honey sweet undertone reaching into his brain and fueling it into action. “Alright kid! Of course I'll get you there. Man these days there are too many kids like you...” Mournfully he shook his head as he stepped down on the gas pedal “I'll do what I can so hang in there”  5 anxious corner-cutting minutes later the van screeched to a halt outside of the hospital and I jumped out “thanks for the lift, I'll make sure my sister knows that it was you who got me here” I waved and ran in to properly deceive him. “poor child, he's soon gonna become all alone, just like those wasteland kids. God bless his sisters soul” and with that the guy slammed the car door and drove off, giving me a me a breather. I didn't like lying but it worked well.
The facility She was taken to was most likely the one underneath the hospital. There were only two entrances and both were heavily guarded by Them. But of course, since not many people these days can drill through rock, I doubt they are bothering about the possibility of someone making a third entrance. Walking round to the back of the hospital I found a secluded bit of garden where I could dig in peace. Minor explosive spells wrapped round my arms, And I began to carve a hole bit by bit.

Dungeon Master

 Dungeon Master- A Game of Worlds

  Blue. A bright electric blue surrounding me, filling my vision. What had happened? I was pretty sure I had died, since all I had seen was blood leaking from a gaping hole in my chest. Was this meant to be heaven then!?i hoped not. An electric sparkle caught my eye, a million tiny stars seeming to outline an inhuman face,  just as a emotionless voice resounded within my head. “Satsouki Ren. This is a world you would call the afterlife. However. You do not belong here. Since you are a rare type, a Player. Players are those who have memories that span many lifetimes, they will be born in one dimension yet with every death they will find another world, and play that universe to their tune. For you every world is a game, and you the Player. Every world a stage, and you the Actor. As you are only a newborn Player, this is your briefing for the new world, as you are to be the Creator's mediator in each star-span” (a star-span means a Players memory of each life) the starry face vanished, and a slightly more feminine one took its place, a sweeter, more bell like tone tolled out in my mind.”Name: Satsouki Ren. Current Star-spans: 1.  old world: universe 2.  new world; universe 363. new world size: small. Description: an illogical world fueled by an endless supply of life-force magic. Island floating in a sky, same size a universe 1 (earth) continent 'Asia'. Current state: 1.2 million years after creation, within an iron-age, two  sides of government fighting. Races on planet: assorted plants and animals, Shadows (a humanoid vaguely vampiric demon-type), elves, humani (human race), dwarves and dragons. Landing Location: Adamatsu forest, on the edge of world  Nearest town: shadow-killer out post. Age and form of body at landing: 15, healthy, shadow Lord-human shape changer. Red eyes, white hair and skeletal wings scar on back.” I was bemused, confused and surprised at the description  but to me, a lover of fantasy since I was small, it sounded perfect. But would I be the hero? Weren't shadows hunters of humans?( a memory transmitted to me by what I thought of the angel-like-star-thing) ”Satsouki Ren. Your role will be a shadow-killer who is actually a shadow, and yet co-exists with humans, reining in his blood-lust. You will search for an elf (a thief) who is another Player. To convince her of your identity call her by her original name 'Kathrine'then together your aim is to beat (within this game) the third player, a death loving human named Mikael. Now, go.” Mind still reeling, I yelped at the sudden sensation of falling, a black pit seeming to yawn at my feet, swallowing me whole and smashing me about till I lost consciousness.
When I awoke, I ached all over and iron tasting blood filled my mouth, spilling out on to the soft dewy grass under me. I felt weak and half dead. Cautiously, I sat up. And stared. I was right on the edge of an abyss that fell away to nothing, a small clearing on the edge of the world. And the sun was just coming up, A glory unheard of in earth's Japan; Golden shafts of sun streamed down out of a dusty pink sky, surrounded by an infinite eggshell blue. streaks of clouds blown hither and thither seeming to play and dance in front of my eyes. Orange and yellow rays warming up the forests golden browns and melting the dark shade away, a passionate aura of beauty and life seemed to begin to buzz up as the mornings sun hit the rocks beneath me. Wounded body almost forgotten, I got up to stretch and conceal away my recent doubts, yet sat back heavily when an inconceivably painful twinge in my side set my muscles cramping in agony.

an early on story.  But still please review

An island. Not that odd, except for the fact its surrounded by sky on all sides; including the bottom. A floating chunk of rock, high in the sky above a normal green earth. Yup. Thats the place I call home. Me and whats left of our clan of course. You might ask what we’re doing up there when there is so much land beneath us, but you’ll understand if you know anything at all about the history of that place. You see, for thousands of years there where three main races that existed, humani, Sidhe and the rei-ukii. The humani and rei-ukii were always fighting, and while the Sidhe tried to stay out of it, they ended up getting caught in the crossfire and almost totally wiped out. My tribe is the only remnants of that once proud people. As for the other two, they ended up both exhausting their strengths, and therefore decided to share land equally, by building a wall that crossed the lengths of the world, effectively ignoring each other and our little island in the sky. Trapped in their little self-contained worlds.

Of the 3 species, we (the Sidhe) are probably both the weakest and the strongest. we always were small in number, only relying on the strength of our Warriors and those bearing the mark of the Cursed Seal to survive. Warriors are those of us who “evolve” becoming a different being at the age of 13 and losing their memories, since they are both insanely powerful and dependent on someone for guidance they make perfect killing machines. However, those who gain the Cursed Seal are even more powerful and rare, generally becoming great commanders because they retain their conscience and in fact get their brain speed sped up by about 15%. Unfortunately, one can only get the Cursed Seal by experiencing near death states as well as brimming levels of hatred, sadness and pain: such as seeing your beloved brother kill your whole family or something along those lines. Its like a bad joke played by nature; the only way to survive is to die.

The day I got the Cursed Seal is locked forever in my memories, and I never told anyone about it till now. I remember that that day it was raining. A beautiful gray dawn. Then the blood. I guess you could say it would be expected that my father would change after mother died, since he was a Warrior and she his care-taker, but no one could expect what happened. I was 4 and my mother dying from an illness. When she died suddenly in the night, my father merely sat and stared at nothing. And, as wind shook the house near dawn, he screamed, An eerie howling sound that rose above the wind and shook me out of bed. Then his power exploded, expanding like a cloud of smoke, it tore the house to shreds barely leaving my younger siblings and me alive. Beast-like and terrible my father stood, drenching himself in blood as he tore apart my younger sister. Brother was screaming, only two at the time yet braver than me; as I was crouching, immobile. I couldn’t take it in. I barely flinched as blood splattered over me, my brother ripped in half. The thing that was once my father screeched and pounded his head on the wet ground, leaving smears of something that was red. And smelled of iron. My mind couldn’t stand the pressure of betrayal, fear, death and horror that clouded my thoughts. In that moment, I think I snapped, and gained the Cursed Seal.

Time had slowed down for me. It seemed almost as if things were’nt moving at all, Fire flared up through my veins, fueled by a desperate will to live, and my Cursed Seal shone brighter and brighter till it filled my whole mind, I guess I lost control at that point. Because next thing I knew, I was sitting on top of Father’s chest, his body in shatters and blood on my hands. I started when a drop of rain hit me, as the air suddenly filled with water. A gray dawn. A grim dawn. And yet I laughed, Because I knew the sky was already crying for me.

That was ten years ago to the day, In a way this is what many would call an unlucky anniversary, as four in Chinese is very close to the word meaning “death”. A ironic curse of fate, because I was four at the time my “death” happened. Today, the elders of my clan are calling me. I wonder what for? Ah well I guess I’ll find out soon enough.I begin walking towards the Tree-Of-Green-Leaves where the elders hold council.


“WHAT!!?” I screamed, betrayed and disheartened, “You want me to go down to the continent and aid a bunch of HUMANS and  REI-UKII?” I couldn’t believe it. Those idiots had built the wall themselves, so why should I help a group of them destroy it when nearly all of the sidhe were annihilated to make it and help the two keep peace? “be calm Minatsuki Sachiko, you need to get out of here and let your emotions grow. spend time with other people of your own maturity down there and you might realize that despite the fact you live longer than most of them, they will know more than you. Also, we will not allow you to come back in-till you have fulfilled 99 dreams and ambitions. including those of the rebel group trying to break the wall” The elder sighed and then frowned. “you may go. be ready to go at dawn.” I nodded curtly And left to pack my stuff, furious with the elders, furious with those down below, and most of all furious with myself. Why had I acted so childishly in front of elder? I truly disgraced myself.Cheeks burning with shame I leaned against the wall of my room, and let out an anguished sigh. No wonder I was ordered to go down to the main world.

As I filled my traveling sack with necessities for living in the wild, I sadly looked out through the small window, staring at the buildings that had surrounded me ever since that day, and yet seemed so alien now, twisted as they were though a veil of tears. The trees that made up our village had been grown so the inside was completely hallow, with small openings in the gnarled trunks for elaborate doors and windows. My house had been up the track away from the village, on he cliff where the sun rose. It had been the only one that wasn’t a tree. Now four graves stand there, to welcome the day each morning, be it sun, snow ... Or rain. Maybe, it really is time for me to leave, if I’m already thinking gloomy thoughts like this again. And with that observation, I stepped out into the sunset, prepared to meet whatever down-below had to throw at me.


This is a blog for stories Written by me and inspired generally quite strangely.
As they are written at many different times (such as years ago) please do not criticize them to harshly as this is mainly a tribute to my younger self.

on a different note the Yurei in my pen name means ghost in Japanese and Drakken means dragon in Icelandic.